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Race Evaluation

North American Orienteering Championships 2016: Middle - Red Y


1. Easy enough, could see the control from the triangle.
2. P P R +01:15Sort of bumbled in the direction of the control, hoping to pop out on the trail. Should have just committed to doing that from the start, better attack.
3. P beautiful visualization, nailed this.
4. Compass work,came out a bit left. Easy attack, sort of a herd and an elephant path.
5. P +00:15More elephant paths. Elected to stay left of the slash, but came out a bit under the control. Read the contours better than those around me and fixed myself fairly easily.
6. Just went at it. The Canadian junior ahead of me went off to the right, but I read the details effectively.
7. P Again, good picture. Feeling good at this point.
8. P Reading well.
9. P Still going strong
10. Out to the trail, read the contours in. A bit slow on approach due to deadfall
11. P +03:30Got off at the ride in front of the spur instead of the trail afterwards that went straight in and didn't realize it. Nothing made sense. Found two other controls before mine. ouch. Should have stopped at the ride and asked myself why contours didn't make sense.
12. +01:00Got confused by all the trails on the way out. Finally slipped in behind Hannah and held on for dear life until she outran me. Lucky to realize about where I was and find the control
13. +02:00ran the trail and ended up too far right, relocated off the ropes course obstacle.
14. Fell in with another petite F21 as we approached the circle. She went right, I went straight.
15. +00:30Punched 15 together, although AP shows :30 error
20. D P +01:00Could not read the ski slope, trails, and vegetation to save my life!
22. Nearly fumbled this, too - for starting out so well, things really fell apart in the second half of this race.

Total Time Lost - 00:09:30

Split Analysis

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