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Race Evaluation

QOC: Little Bennett: Green


1. Pre-started at a little before 8 AM so that I would have time to run the MCRRC 5K at the same place, as well as do the electronic punching for the Brown-Blue courses. A little slow out of the blocks after wasting a little bit of time trying to decide where to stash the Start box. Head XC to the next campground loop. In hindsight (ain't it great!) should have run the loop to the building and then to the control. Instead, the angle through the green and am about 150 m to the west.
2. Up to the road and go in just above the control.
3. Down to the trail and up the hill - about 100 meters south of the control. Stay on line and see the green.
4. Down to the trail and then try to angle up the hill at a 45 degree angle. Get too close to the camp ground loop.
5. Off a bit heading to the road and end up going by the Nature Center. Cross the loop and pick up the trail to the stream. Follow this parallel for a while and then head up to the top.
6. Down to the stream and sucker into the Blue control temporarily. Then haul butt to the correct one.
7. Down to the trail. Initially plan to take the reentrant past 10 to the road. Decide to go north instead. Eventually figure out I am on the twisting trail and take this to the N/S trail.
8. Go as fast as I can straight to the control.
9. Try to go straight but end up 50 m to the NW of control.
10. Up to the field and then from the playground equipment into the control.
F. Up to the Start to get the control I left there. Down the loop to the road to the finish. Dig the Finish box out from under the trashcan there. Finish with time to spare to register for the 5k run.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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