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Race Evaluation

: CSU Feb. Semi-permanent course


1. +02:45Got the fluttery heart thing just as I left the start, so sat on a log for 2:45 until I felt normal again. Not sure what triggered it - not enough breakfast? I wasn't running hard.
4. Paused next to the rocky hill to figure out the contours in this area, the up/down always confuses me, I feel like that rocky spur should be a reentrant.
5. Literally couldn't get up the hill from the parking lot, slid back down twice.
9. Overran by 10m or so, had to turn around and climb up to the right boulder.
10. Stopped by control 20 on my way to pick up my bag.
11. Again, couldn't get up the hill, sliding backwards, but not as badly as at 5.
12. Good route but was too sloppy with my map, ended up on top of the cliff I wanted to be at the bottom of.
13. Didn't go.
14. Didn't go.
15. Didn't go.
16. Didn't go.
17. Didn't go.
18. Didn't go.
19. Didn't go.
20. Started here.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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