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Race Evaluation

CSU: Franklin Park: Park-o (Advanced)


1. +00:25Tricked by all the people heading in the wrong direction. Also went down the path and had to climb back up from the left.
2. Straight.
3. Tried not to annoy the golf players too badly. Saw Brendan punching in, which helped me pick a straight line.
4. Set on the task on catching Brendan.
5. +00:05Went a little too far to the right. Then again, I avoided the golf course that way.
6. +00:05Had to wait for the punch, hence Brendan gets away.
7. Brendan goes right of the pond, makes sense, so I follow.
8. Straight, finally passing Brendan.
9. +00:10Hesitated at the rock before reading the map properly.
10. +00:05Ran out of the undergrowth a bit too far to the left.
11. Down to the road on big path, then up the stairs. Brendan took the high path which seems to have taken longer.
12. +00:10Attacked from the right. Got a bit confused by the many paths, hesitated.
13. +00:10Nearly went down the wrong big path on the left, saved by seeing Adam go in the right direction and questioning what I was doing.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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