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Race Evaluation

WCOC Sessions Woods: Red


1. +00:30Opted to take the trail to the N - easier attack and give me a chance to read the map and develop a 'sense' for the woods. A good half minute slower in retrospect but I still think it was a good 'safe' start to the race
2. +00:45downhill to cross stream just N of big reentrant, uphill to pick up trail in the yellow, left road a little early, down reentrant around green and had to climb back up
3. south of line, across stream to indistinct trail (blazed, which in my mind makes it a small trail), started uphill just past cliff near trail due east - climbed right in
4. stayed just SE of line all the way, a little picking in laurel, but very clean
5. NE of line to trail bend, down to stream then just S of cliffs and straight in. Navigation feels good, but body is sluggish, but this is the first O since early August.
6. +00:15followed trail, but left trail a little early, winding up one knoll S of correct one, but saw marsh and knew exactly what I had done, around W side of marsh and right in - staying on trail a little longer might have gained me 15 seconds
7. straight, spike
8. straight, spike
9. +00:20drifted a little S of the line, was running toward distinct conifer to the S, but noticed lack of lesser conifers when I got closer and turned left and ran right to it.
10. +00:20pretty much over the hill, but stayed on N side, coming down N of the rocky ground, picking up trail. slight hesitation as I was expecting more rock where all the black is NW of control, but slowed down and went right into it. A spike, but hesitant nearing the circle
11. +00:10straight on the line to road, into clearing on trails and attacked off knoll. Misread clue and expected flag to be in the reentrant (clue from 10) so slow approaching knoll, but saw flag and ran in anyway
12. trying to skip low laurel, I ran towards N depression, then along base of slope into the circled one. A little off line, but cleaner running
13. +01:00initially set my compass toward one so went across the open area (no problem) but then realized my error and was committed to that choice, cross stream up indistinct trail over hill (nice running but slow uphill), down across road, through clearing and right up.
14. +00:10straight and easy, ended up just W of depression
15. +00:20did not take time to look closely at map, just read 'trail' as the clue, popped out on trail and saw a flag out the left side of my field of view, back track to an obvious white control, turned around to see flag hanging on gate... damn..
F. run it on in

Total Time Lost - 00:03:50

Split Analysis

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