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Race Evaluation

Raven Rock: Blue Day 2


1. didn't run very hard/fast on the trails today, knee was hurting from yesterday.
2. Bad compass work
hit the ditch too low and kept going down, then back up
3. trail run, came off an the sharp left corner
5. Did not like map
went over the top, pretty open running. attacked the control from the picnic tables off the big trail, but couldn't find the control in the reentrant. now getting pissed off. went out to the trail to the west, reattacked carefully from the house. still no control. finally saw the water jugs and then the control, seemed to be hung 50m to the NE of where it was marked on the map (not on any real feature)
6. ran near the finish, down the trail, didn't see the trail going down the spur, but kept going. saw misha at the control, he says "dude, I'm having a terrible run"
7. Bad route choice
Bad map reading
went past the control, even though I saw the rock stuff to the left. looped back around and ran to where I saw a WP guy running down the ditch.
8. across the rock, up to the ditches, left into the control. saw misha again here, he passed me on #7 when I messed up
9. Did not read control description
out to the trail, found the old abandonded trail, followed that, then cut off down the reentrant. thought the control was at the stream junction so I had to climb up the little spur again
10. Bad route choice
down the hill and out to the river, ran along the same side until it split, then went across (feet dry) and onto the trail. stupidly went through the green on the N side of the reentrant, got slowed down there
12. trail run
13. Did not like map
across the bridge on the trail, up the spur, and along the boundary. got to the corner and didn't see the control. had flashbacks from #5 but refrained from use of profanity.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:45

Split Analysis

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