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Race Evaluation

CSU: Franklin Park: Park-o (Advanced)


2. Straight. Passed Judy Karpinski.
3. Along paved paths, which led me to climb the hill and lose time. Needed to avoid the golf course anyway.
4. +00:15My compass bearing led too far left. Began to wonder about the magnetism/north lines.
5. Got chronometer working.
7. Right around the pond.
8. Straight.
9. Stood around control #8 for a few seconds to match the visible clearings to the map. Then straight.
11. +00:30Left of the line on trail. Approaching the control from the west I had not matched the clue to the circle on the map, and so hunted around the wrong boulders for a while.
12. On trail left of the line.
13. +01:00Where the first trail loops left I picked up the smaller trail heading ENE and got carried too far, as far as the eastbound paved trail. Corrected onto the clearing along the wall. Found the boulder but looking around it as I ran past did not look far enough and thought the marker was not there. Overshot a bit before climbing up the wall and heading back to the boulder.
F. With so many faster people starting at 1 minute intervals after me, it was pleasing to be the first finisher. A nice map and course.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:45

Split Analysis

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