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Race Evaluation

Sycamore Scramble: Green Long


1. straight to reentrant & carefully up other side
2. st over top, noted reentrant going down - thought i was compass line at stream, up straight, got into trees, ignored feedback, ran in circles, saw clearing at a distance, back in search & finally....2' plus lost.
3. st carefuul across borad spur, did not see any mapped features on top, down w/ alot of caution, looking for flattening & trying to stay on high groune, then saw "grotesquely" large rock feature:-)
4. up reentrant to road, down reentrant/ditch, looking at steepest part of hill on other side of stream, grad up to midline of spur then carefully down
5. st, into little reentrant across stream, along green & carefully in
6. got a bit irascible here w/ tree branch knocking glasses, got to left more or less unaware, crossed strream & contours did not match where I thought I was - slow to adjust but saw runner on indistinct tr, adjusted, ran along it & then up to knoll & control
7. long! no favored route, go straight. down spur, across stream to nose & reentrant, then big spu & tr, knwoing almost exactly where I was; then braod reent & tip of spur, down big reent, & up broad spur to left of top - could see reent forming fm left - all about caution almost entire way. 7:49 for leg, nearly a km.
8. st, over spur, & down, behind cliffs, then along stream looking carefully to left (my choice in keeping track) & up at stream bend/reent on left - noted ditch & sl spur just before - did not appreciate veg bound. but came up when expected.
9. carefully (straight) over top, pick up reent, st across stream, look for tops of gullies, dot knoll, grn patch & down, carefully, voila
10. st, up left hand reent, over broad spur, see /depart fm bigger, broad reent top at road, carefully down rent, see dried old wet area, carefully across vague spur, see reent/rock pile just before stream & thus confidence on other side, up see ditch forming & no surprise, voila
11. st, across rd, had warmed up on road, keep bldgs close to port, wait for field to open up, to end, cautiously to ditch end
12. fortuitous appearance of Nadim, follow & enter area we'd all walked across earlier - could actually walk fm GO in before even starting.
F. feel pretty good about all before, A minus...but for #2....

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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