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Race Evaluation

DVOA/HVO Dual Meet Assunpink: Blue


1. +00:15Road to just past jct, then N. Didn't find the white alley and hesitated unnecessarily (just go to top of hill!).
2. +00:45Trail all the way W to jct (scared off from cutting corner by thickness), then NE on the trail in the overgrown field, then a rather meandering attack through the marshes and streams.
3. +00:15A little hesitant in reading the reentrants.
6. Trail / field edge around.
7. Straight. The hunter's stands were less help than expected, but the medium green patches were more distinct and helpful than expected.
8. SSE to white patch, then S through fields, then onto the levee by bigger pond which paid off (good running and led right to control).
9. +02:00Bashed to road bend (more green than mapped), on road to next bend, along S edge of northern fields, into woods where trail enters field. But I went up the wrong spur (the one mapped as vague in the NE part of the white).
10. +01:00Started straight S to field, but when it seemed thick, went SW on trail to field. Followed field edge to E tip, then ESE in woods towards control. But pulled up short and briefly went to the wrong hillside, to the south.
12. More green than mapped on ridgetop, but nice unmapped trail going my way along much of ridgetop.
13. +01:00Due S to trail along dark green (after battling through thick thorns in the "medium green" just before trail), then followed x'ed trails ESE. Should have just used the field and roads.
14. Trails all the way to the shallow saddle just before the road, then S in the reentrant (fast due to open woods and unmapped trail) to very vague "knoll" near control. John F. caught me here (says green along straight route was little problem).
15. Straight, cutting through walled area as attack. No doubt John F.'s presence had something to do with my picking up the pace. He was still a bit faster but was a little left at the end, so it was a tie.
16. +00:45A little N of straight (sort of "contouring") but not much to go by. Managed to miss left of the control and right of the trail bend, hit 2nd trail and thought it was the first, turned briefly downhill towards pond before realizing which trail and re-attacking. No sign of John F. who missed farther left.
17. Almost straight (pass just S of green/marsh, cross SW-going trail, use NW-going trail to round green).
18. Nearly straight, hardly touched trails, fallen tree helped in crossing both the stream and the green at the head of the cove. John F. recaught me at 18.
19. Running hard SW to stay just ahead of John, didn't see trail (apparently he didn't either), but just curved S to control.
F. John passed me on the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:00

Split Analysis

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