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Race Evaluation

AIRE Regional: Blue

John O

4. Done well (1st)
5. Done well (1st)
6. +01:00WinSplits suggests I lost about a min on this leg. No idea why, must have been the swampy patch at the top of the bank. Zac went down I think.
8. Bad route choice
Went silly route around tracks when I didn't find the one I was looking for
9. +01:30Looking at WinSplits I lost quite a bit of time here. Must have been hesistant choosing where to cross the stream and the big crag that was on the map but i couldnt see
10. Bad route choice
Could have same some time by conserving height and contouring. However, 2nd on leg, so maybe doesn't matter as much.
11. Bad route choice
Bad route again - would have been faster to go along the track rather than go through the rocky area

Total Time Lost - 00:04:50

Split Analysis

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