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Race Evaluation

: CSU Feb. Semi-permanent course


1. Trail. Quite a lot of water in marsh, so had to climb through boulder field S.
2. Correct trail route. Noted #21 on hillside as I passed and that it seemed that distance to trail intersection to N was shorter than it appeared, but then didn't choose this route anyway later in race.
3. +00:20Embarrassingly hesitated on parallel features 50 m to SW. This would not have been so embarrassing if I had not done this leg so well on the first attempt.
4. Must have been a little more E of #9 as I did not note the streamer. Much better attack from large cliff.
5. Paved surface to E of flag.
6. Pretty clean just N of line.
7. Swamp expanded, but again pretty clean.
8. To trail, then in at bend.
9. +02:00Still not sure what went wrong. Ran trail to intersection on L, then on compass. Eyes drawn to orange/white triangular markings on a fallen sign looking like an actual O-flag sitting in rocky debris that I interpreted as the base of a cliff. Went around base of hill and didn't see expected boulders. Travelled N then back and confirmed I was standing to W of swampy area. Finally climbed higher and found pair of boulders I was seeking. Am quite disheartened that my efforts were even slower than before when I navigated back to #3 before hitting #9.
10. E of line following trail before cutting corner.
11. Crossed marshy area on trail before heading uphill.
12. +02:00Another embarrassing moment as I tried to loop in from W to avoid getting hung up in relatively unpassable cliffs to the NE. However, drifted too far too R and confused bare rock 100 m to W as the outcropping at NE margin of circle and hence navigated to #13. Compounded error by departing to the W before recognizing that there was no huge cliff in front of me. Sheepishly retreated N of line back to #12.
13. At least I knew a good route back to #13.
14. Departed more cleverly this time to E before heading straight.
15. Somewhat E of line running past #11 on descent. Attacked straight from bend in trail to SW.
16. Took trail option running just N of line compared with attack from more southern trail on first run. Looked faster, but was slower in practice with a very wet approach to boot.
17. Straight noting large bare rock outcropping to R. There was probably a trail very close to my line, but I failed to see it.
18. +00:10Back SW to trail, but confused briefly by intersection and had to stop myself from running off to the trail to S that I had not seen running to #17.
19. To trail R of line, then straight from bend. Another very wet crossing to get to climb.
20. Main trail to cross marshy region, then straight.
21. On line to large trail, then climbed before trail bend to run along ridge eschewing trail option I had considered on way to #2.
22. Retraced my steps along ridge before descending to trail. An argument could certainly be made for heading due E to hit other trail.
F. Best effort I had left.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:30

Split Analysis

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