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Race Evaluation

QOC: Happyland - so happy!: Blue


1. +00:20I thought to take it safe and stay away from the thorns by going around on the ridge. Following the ridge down was easy. I rough navigated waiting for the ridge to dip before attacking. The control was a bit low so I missed it slightly and had to come back a little bit.
2. +02:45I crossed the first big reentrant and followed a smaller one up the next ridge. Going down the ridge on a spur, I must have came close to the boulder but didn't see it. I was just a bit unconfident of which ditch that I was following up to the next ridge but in retrospect, I was where I thought I was. I dropped down into the correct gully reentrant but didn't see the control. Because of a lack of confidence, I went further to the next ditch/reentrant (it was more like a ditch but I could tell that I was near the end of the ridge itself so I doubled back and found the control.
3. +00:10I ran straightish but the vegetation must have pushed me off-line slightly to the left.
4. +02:00I started out going right of the line and up the gentle ridge. I dropped westward as the running got better and there was more contour to follow. From my GPS track, I see that I crossed the reentrant where I thought I had but going on over the next 2 ridges, I started drifting left. Following the ridge toward the control, I came across a lot of unexpected green. It was the green that I'd easily run around on the way to #1 but I wasn't sure of it at the time. I also wanted to hug the left side of the ridge where it was greener because I didn't want to miss the control. There were many side reentrants and gully/ditches that appeared to be unmapped. Finally, I recognized the spur NW of the control and turned toward it. I wasn't that far off track on this route but I had gotten slowed by the green encountered a lot.
5. I ran a little bit right of going straight, then used the end of the hillside to follow contour around the left and to the control. I got to the control just ahead of a younger runner.
6. +05:00As I was leaving #5 I had slowed to read the leg. I was also a little distracted by the other runner. Just when I started to climb with a jog, a hanging branch caught my face just below my left eye. It hurt and I shouted. Blood started flowing but I dabbed it w/my shirt and took off. I was doing well when I'm not quite sure what happened. Best that I can tell is that I started reading the leg to #1 and lost track of which ridge I'd crossed. I turned 90 degrees to run down the ridge in-between #1 and #6. After going far enough, I paused on a pit with a ribbon on it. I was pretty sure it was mapped so stopping long enough to find it on the map. I ran a straightish route toward the control from there though closing-in, I hadn't expected the control to be so much into green terrain.
7. +01:15Down to the valley where the running was better, the up to the road. As I crossed, I saw Jon Pifer ahead and I also checked my location carefully. Jon was headed down the reentrant that I wanted to so I gave chase. At the stream crossing, Jon stopped and I ran-on. I reached a longish reentrant south of the control and kept going along it, then beyond it. I should have slowed but I ran loosely and ended up in the reentrant to the west of the control. I knew what to do to correct and did so straightforwardly.
8. Down to the stream, I followed it a way, then crossed it as it bent. At the first junction, I ran through the rough open and saw Victor going the other way on the long leg to #13. I ran to the next junction, surprised at how soon it came up, then turned left to follow it upward. I passed not far above #12, then kept a bearing. As I crossed the ridge and next reentrant on bearing, I started to feel less confident in what I was seeing. I paused, read the map and made and adjustment to the left which got me right to the control.
9. +05:00Leaving #8 after drinking some water, I knew I'd have to go through some green. I'd had similar legs while vetting in 2007 and knew that I'd want to hit the narrow ridge on the way down to the control. I started out a bit to the left to keep from dropping too much and because the vegetation was pushing me in that direction. It was really slow. I got too far left without realizing it and thus stayed in the green longer than necessary. I must have gotten close to the dirt road too. When I reached the ridge I was looking for, I didn't think it looked as expected but I made it work. Dropping into a reentrant on the other side and being able to open-up the speed in what were white woods, only reinforced my belief that I knew where I was. Closing in, the reentrant turned unexpectedly green. I hit a reentrant junction w/o seeing what was expected. I stopped and turned back. Soon I stopped again and took a hard look at the map. It took another round of this before realizing where I was. After doing so, I corrected w/o an trouble to the control. I'd already lost time in the green so with missing the control too, this was the biggest error of the day.
10. +00:10I ran straight but was a slight bit to the left at the end.
11. I ran fairly straight and was more careful about my bearing and reading features. I started to get a bit to the left at the end and knew so from seeing the larger stream valley on my left so I made a slight correction.
12. I aimed-off to the left to save climb and ensure accuracy. I probably aimed off too far to the left an remembered what the control looked like from my run to #8 earlier.
13. +02:30I ran down the reentrant to the larger one, then over the next ridge to the main stream valley. I ran well and confidently up to near where #7 was. I reasoned it best to cross there and avoid a larger patch of green that I'd have hit if I crossed later. However, after passing #7 on my left and crossing the reentrant that I'd dropped into on the way to #7 the first time, I cut left to follow a reentrant a way. This got me into thicker than expected green. I had to go left and right a lot just to get through. Somehow, I came-up from behind on Mark Mace and passed, trying not to surprise him too badly. I did more weaving and stumbled to the ground on some more green just before finally hitting the road. I would have crossed the road right away but where I'd come out, the other side was chocked with deadfall. I cut left for 130m, the cut right into the burn area from the 2007 fire. The vegetation had started to come-up but it wasn't bad getting through. I kept a bearing crossing the next major reentrants without being sure where I was. At one point, crossing a matted thorny area, I felt that the thorns were so thick that my feet must not have been touching the ground. I must have lost count of the ridgets crossed because I started hunting for the control one ridge too early. I followed this ridge to the left (west), whereupon the narrowing of the ridge told me that something was wrong. My GPS track shows that I got awfully close to a trail before correcting but I never saw the trail. I ran well up the hill and as I crossed the ridge, I realized that I was still too far west. I corrected and came right to the control. .
14. Straight down the ditch to the control.
15. I drank water at #14 before taking off. I ate a Gu also. I went fairly straight and hit the control right on. I hadn't expeced it to be as far away from this stream as it was.
16. I walked-up the earthbank, then eventually got into a jog. I observed the deadfall on my left and kept just enough to the right of it to keep from going downhill too much. After crossing the last rentrant structure, I rounded the last of the deadfall and cut left right to the control--I didn't see it until the last moment.
17. +01:45I was unsure how to approach this so I went straight and toward the nasty looking green blob on the map, at the reentrant junction. Once at the junction, I could see a way through but cutting left a bit, then right. I was able to keep a jog going the whole way through this. I was doing okay reading contours carefully from there. However, I drifted a bit to the left. At a smallish reentrant junction that I began to cross, I stopped and realized that I shouldn't be crossing any more reentrants on this leg. I backpedaled slightly from there and hit the control.
18. I contoured across and through the light green so as not to miss the control.
19. +00:05I followed the stream to the trail, got to the road and wondered where the control was. I'd basically been running to the center of the circle. Then I remembered that the control was on the bridge, on the other side--I'd seen it on the walk to the start.
F. Up the hill at a steady pace. I wasn't feeling that strong. I saw a father daughter pair ahead and wondered if I'd pass them before the turn. I didn't want to get slowed by them punching in front of me so I picked up the pace at the end a bit.

Total Time Lost - 00:21:00

Split Analysis

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