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Race Evaluation

QOC: Great Falls, VA: Green


1. Started at 0830. Behind another runner from out of town who requested an early start. Cliff starting a few minutes behind me. All have the same firts 3 controls. Take the trail and realize I am not really paying attention. Crest the hilll and decide to angle in. Nail the control. Guy who started ahead of me comes in from another direction behind me.
2. Down the hill and across the marsh with is mostly frozen. Find a log to cross the stream - don't want totally wet feet so early into the course. Up the hillside into the wrong reentrantant. Then pass the correct reetrant because I didn't see the flag. On the way over some more when I look over my shoulder and spot it.
3. Cliff catches up to me out of #2. Go fairly straight and cross by control at #9 - remembering that this was behind the rootstock helps me later. Pretty much nail the control but not running much.
4. Straight to the control behind Cliff.
5. Same as #4.
6. Angle out to the trail junction at the building. Take the and cut the corner and come out exactly where I wanted to be at the little intersection. Go in but miss the control and end up at other pit. See the curve of the trail and go over to other pit. Lead Cliff into this one.
7. Go straight to this one.
8. Take a pretty straight route which involves way too much climb.Wasn't even half way when I arrived at the trail/stream and thought I should have been there by now. Was wishing for water at this point.
9. Follow the low area to the trail. Continue on but end up at hilltop to the left. Work my way over and finally see the rootstock.
10. Run down the hill as fast as possible to the trail/stream intersection. Remember this trail from other years. Angle up the hill to the control. A little slippery but know it will be worse later. Take a ride on my butt out of the control.
11. Down to trail. Make mistake of crossing the march instead of staying on the trail.
F. Run to home- seemed a long way up the slight hill.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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