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Race Evaluation

Sydney Sprint Series 2017 Race #2 - Birchgrove: Sprint #2


1. P +00:03Couldn't fit the map. Just looked for the nearest building as per descriptions
2. P Easy
3. P +00:05Again trouble fitting the map until I identified the wide stairs.
4. P straight - 8th fastest
5. P had to run through a crowd of spectators
6. P R +00:05map wrong, cost me a couple of seconds with a grid recalculation
7. P R Got the right route. 10th fastest and now 11th overall before the hill.
8. P P uphill, slow - down to 12th
9. P +00:05uphill, slow and didn't see the flag. Down to 14th.
10. P Good downhill - 10th fastest and claw back one place.
11. P Not running that well, lose one place.
12. P OK and 10 seconds faster than zipster puts back up to 13th.
13. P R Got the gap, many didn't including Jock and Ivan: back to 10th overall.
14. P +00:10Stopped to check under the printed number 13 - no gap. Also very slow on steps. Passed by Jock.
15. P up hill again, but OK with 13th fastest, but passed by Ivan
16. P R Good, 3rd top 10 split (8th) and back to equal 10th with Ivan - Jock loses 20 seconds.
17. P OK, but 18th fastest with all those steps. Still edge a couple of seconds up on Ivan.
18. P Wound it up on the flat, but still only 13th on the split.
19. P Sprinting - only good for 10th fastest split.
F. P OK and finish 10th, 13 seconds ahead of Jock and 23 ahead of Ivan.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:28

Split Analysis

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