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Race Evaluation

Valley Goat: Long


1. with the crowd, stayed low on contour, through middle of patch of woods - no loss in speed through there, about 8-10 ahead of me at punch
2. up onto road at corner, then down with crowd
3. lead group moving away at this point but still in sight - I'm not even going to attempt to keep pushing this pace.
4. SKIP - looked pretty green w/ small stream crossing, plus many/most of leaders seemed to have skipped here
5. up, over and spike - definite gap between me and those ahead
6. spike
7. +00:20leaders long gone from control when i crest hill, I wind up a tad left lower down reentrant
8. +00:10out onto road and boris catches up (having gone to #4), I originally planned to stay left and go around, but boris heads down road to right and I follow, I think staying left would have been better. Grab punch and start to slide to bottom of mud slick - Eric W there to catch it on camera. Used punch to pull myself back up hill
9. easy
10. left of line following trail up hill to small copse, cut in and move past ruins, hit control cleanly - noted a couple folks searching beyond (different course?)
11. +00:20tried to shortcut through green, got tangled up and had to get back out and around
12. +01:00opted to go up and around, came to a bump in veg edge and assumed it to be mine (wasn't) and cut in way too early, floundered a bit in reentrant before realizing my mistake and moving on (uphill now)
13. +00:20hit knoll/spur to west, see flag and try to sprint, tripping up in loose rock...
14. +00:15very close to cut edge of map (open end of map case) and map torn/smudged, got into circle ok, but then had to look around a bit for flag
15. spike
16. +00:10went low on trail and climbed up, someone else went high and got there sooner
17. +00:10along veg edges, but cut into woods (seeing a fairly clean line) and across reentrant - was moving toward a large rootstock when I was flag on much smaller stock about 15m uphill.
18. +00:20long leg, stayed to roads/mown grass, watching progress of a few others below in rough grass. Cut uphill by Steuben statue, just S of square rampart and then straight uphill toward 18, drifted a bit L putting me right on top of hill, quick correction and sprinted down to reentrant
19. straight on bearing, clean
20. didn't want to climb Mt. Joy (feeling spent by now), thought about dropping to road but again didn't want the climb back up - opted instead to take a wide berth around through registration area - not really pressing the pace, but the running was reasonably easy. Got into 20 just behind a guy who had been well ahead of me heading toward 18.
21. one advantage of going wide on previous control is that I ran right past this one enroute to 22, so I knew exactly where it was coming back
22. should have stayed low on trail, but stupidly climbed back up on road, once in the open ran hard, on rough bearing and trying to estimate distance of circle from copse just south - hit it very cleanly
23. straight and clean, allowed person in front of me first punch
F. hard sprint to finish almost running Eric W down in the process

Total Time Lost - 00:03:05

Split Analysis

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