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Race Evaluation

Susquehana: Red


1. Didn't have the new trail on my map (I noticed Angelica did have it.) Didn't affect me too negatively, and did give me a good heads up on the map quality...
2. +00:30Drifted too far R around first hill. Through campground, didn't see ruined fence, up and a little right of hill (darn close to line.) Going downhill near line my shoes felt a little loose and/or my terrain running skills were hurting. Diagonal uphill barely keeping up a run.
3. On line into field, but it looked poor so I bailed W to road, then roads-field. Across a gully or two, mostly on rough compass/rough terrain, then skirting around dark green and back to 3.
4. Contour and up. Just about to turn toward NW part of hill when I saw the bag was more in the middle and/or NW side of the eastern half of the hilltop...
5. +00:30Down spur and so excited about that I didn't notice that it would make me hit the reentrant well above the fork, so I did unneeded contouring & climbing around to the right reentrant.
6. +00:30Up and over. Diagonalled down from saddle but didn't pace or compass so stalled out 3 contours above bag, looked around a bit, then ran down to bag.
7. Trail for ~300m, then up and over at end of first curve. Traversed down a bit, across the nasty rocks, and then over to the right rocks/bag
8. Traverse E on exit eventually crossing creek and hitting trail. Took to end, then due S, then SE through forest near fence/trail and around to bag/cliff.
9. Road to bend, up trail and into bag. Thought about cutting various corners but never felt it was worthwhile.
10. +01:00Back to trail, to reentrant, and then traverse. Should have dropped but somehow I convinced myself that contouring was good. Nailed center of circle, starting looking around, then Sandy yelled (again) that there was some back behind me up on the hill...
11. N-Diagonal down to road, and around to 11. What did Vadimis do? Just run fast?

Total Time Lost - 00:02:30

Split Analysis

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