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Race Evaluation

CSU Spring Training Camp #1: Sunday Picking 1


1. Was up for this. Finished & noted I'd run from 18 to 23, much pissed off for that! Damn the butteflies or pay attn! Subtracted the legs i did not run, came up w/ 3010m;divided that into total seconds, got # of seconds=0.696/m & multiplied by leg lengths of legs i did not do as reasonable compromise. Could not throw out this exercise! Around to R on path
2. leave swamp to L
3. spot dot knolls across wall
4. careful! picnickers enroute
5. care to stay high
6. spot wet area & go to end
7. far side of a mess of boulders
8. got to L of knoll, needed to see wet area
9. straight
10. along the wet
11. up the path some
12. straight
13. ditto
14. to path, spot ruin
15. straight
16. ditto
17. ditto
18. across marsh
19. 19-22 - estimate
23. straight
24. what isn't straight in these short legs?
25. more the same
26. almost got sloppy
F. ran reasonalby well for age as was pleased I'd not missed to speak of....

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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