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Race Evaluation

WCOC Five Ponds meet: Green


2. Saw Dave Webber going the other way, figured he was on Green.
3. Mistook the green marsh for the white marsh, thought I had gone too far around it, and turned back briefly. Saw Tony Muffatti going the other way, wondered if he might be on Green.
4. Saw Craig Webber and another fast-looking guy going the other way, thought they must be on Green...? Brain fell apart after crossing the trail, I think in part because the laurel wasn't as bad as I expected from the map and I was in the green without realizing it. Spent way too much time wandering around in here.
5. Easy attack from the corner of the pond, but I blew it and went to the wrong pair of knolls, then recovered poorly despite the fact that I was next to a trail.
6. Saw PG going the other way, he said he was having a bad day, and I figured, yeah, he really must be.
7. Slipped on some rock while sidehilling and bashed my left ankle and right knee pretty hard. Limping for a bit after this.
11. Very slow climbing the hill. Pulled up just a bit short before getting to the control.
12. Slight detour near the end of the leg when I mistook an unmapped trail for the one I wanted, which I realized when my trail intersected the mapped one.
F. At the finish, PG asked what course I was on, and I said Red, then he asked if I did it backwards, and I said no, but then I looked at my map and said, "Oh, I apparently did Green", which explained all those people going the opposite direction.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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