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Race Evaluation

Al Smith Memorial: Blue Day 1


1. So good to be in a big competition again, after a long break
2. Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Chose the path route, and then made the same mistake as several others - ended up in the re-entrant system to the East of the one I should have been in, and didn't notice it was curving to the SE instead of the SW. Reached the first big junction and realised where I was, but had to go back over the hill to the correct re-entrant system.
5. Confused parallel features
Bad distance judgement
Thought and earlier ditch junction was the one I was looking for, and got confused.
6. Bad distance judgement
Disturbed by others
Saw someone I knew on the same course going down the wrong spur. Thought "he's going the wrong wayt". Just after I overshot the control.
7. +01:30Lost track of my position going up the hill, and ended up doing more climb than necessary.
9. Straight up a gap in the rocks to the south of the control.
10. Was cautious at the top, to ensure I was going down the correct spur.
12. Down the stream.
13. Not sure of the point of this leg (unless it was to stop people going over the top on 12 and doing a dog leg).
16. +00:20The course setter's notes warned against tripping over ruined fences. Which is what I did leaving the control.
17. Cut round to the concrete bridge where the dirt road crosses the creek.
19. Running across the field seemed to take forever.

Total Time Lost - 00:12:20

Split Analysis

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