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Race Evaluation

Al Smith Memorial: Red Day 1


4. +00:50Stopped to help Will Hawkins look for his glasses. I also came down one reentrant too early and had to run the valley to the next one up.
5. Did not check features en route
I overshot it to the right but relocated on the spur to the SE of the control.
7. I was running straight but when I came to the boundary line, I changed direction to run along it for a ways before turning more sharply to the control.
8. Bad map reading
I ran through the woods more or less straight. I came off the small clearing west of the control but didn't want to run the length of the narrow slash. In attempting to run the edge of it, I passed the control. I cut right up stream but was too low. I didn't think I'd crossed any streams but somehow got to the edge of the map south of the control before figuring it out. It didn't seem like I'd lost this much time. I should have used the powerline clearing.
F. +00:04I ran staright up the woods. I thought the finish was at the beginning of the chute. I didn't want to sprint too hard so as not to aggrivate my achilles.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:24

Split Analysis

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