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Race Evaluation

Al Smith Memorial: Blue: Day 2


1. Hadn't been here yesterday, not used to the way the green was mapped (and rusty from no real orienteering in months). Stopped just a tad short and a bit low, and circled around the wrong way before seeing ditches and figuring out where I was.
6. Through the heart of the nonexistent green.
7. Realized I was drifting somewhat to the right, and never saw the fence. Got into the reentrant to the SE, and Doug Stein was going the same way. I successfully navigated to the saem control he was going to, but I checked the code and it didn't match -- he was on Red. The cliff wasn't curved like the map shows, so I thought maybe I was just on the cliff in the correct reentrant (further down) and went back up, looking. No luck, and when I got to the faint trails I could see where I had to be.
8. Around to the left to save a few lines of climb.
9. Some people about to catch up.
11. Most of them pass me here. And I have to tie my shoe.
13. Not going uphill too fast at this point. A little tired from adventure race and six-hour drive the previous day.
15. Straight.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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