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Race Evaluation

Raven Rock: Blue Day 2


3. Took a chance
Bad map reading
Took contour out to trail. Was aiming for the lower trail but hit the upper one and took it, so was confused at the 4-way intersection. stayed with the high trail and dropped in from first hilltop. Went up left of large cliff intending to aim off left. turned right at stream and I *think* I ran past the control on the opposite bank. got ~150m upstream before deciding the bearing was wrong and turned back.
5. Did not like map
Over the top, down yesterday's reentrant, up trail to picnic tables and in. Stopped in the middle of the reentrant. No control. WTF?! Finally saw water jugs on N side and high. This feature is too broad for an A-meet control I think.
6. Around green, down weak trail to ridge. barely a trace of trail on the ridge. Crossed trickle.
7. Through white woods at top of reentrant. Saw unmapped trail below ridge, but went up to avoid the deadfall. Attacked off trail at knoll.
8. Aimed off right, then up ditch.
9. +00:20Found someones map ~40m above #8. Brought it back and left it at 8. (I heard that someone went and got it a few mins later). Trail to saddle, then down ridge. Nice woods.
10. Hesitated
left of cliffs, then across stream on the down tree by the bend. Drifted left, but pulled up when two army guys ran right - saved me, then went high and counted reentrants.
11. +00:15A little too far right in the saddle.
12. trail. Cut off through white woods at the end. Saw Pam J here.
13. Confused parallel features
Crossed stream on bridge running with Pam, then right to boundary. pulled up short in the first trickle. Pam caught back up.
14. past corner, up ridge to trail. Saw Peggy D. going up ridge. Told her that Pam was right behind us. She grumbled, and kicked in hard.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:30

Split Analysis

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