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Race Evaluation

NEOC Boojum: Blue


1. miscounted hillltops, went in E of small marsh, then crossed it.
3. around left of hill
4. 1st of 3 big similar mistakes - taking the right line but losing confidence due to misjudging distance and misreading contours. I crossed the stream by the marsh and crossed the double knoll, stopped just short of the green hilltop. Then wandered.
5. For lack of confidence, aimed at the middle of the stone wall.
6. Big mistake #2. Stopped maybe 20 m. shy of the hilltop because I didn't see the flag. Since I 'knew' I wasn't where I really was I wandered all over until Steven van Ness rescued me.
7. I was N of where I thought until I got N of the control, then figured it out.
8. Finally I was on track and the next few controls I was doing OK.
12. Slight bobble - I headed for the road and found a nice trail. But I thought I could skirt the marsh to the N of the control. Unfortunately impassable.
13. Took trail to N of control before heading up, losing time.
16. slightly inefficient, going down, then up the clifftop trail, then down across the marsh. Hesitated when the yellow area turned out to be blue.
17. Nailed the south side of the northern marsh -- no control. Figured it out, but went past the control going south. Wasted another minutes being really confused.
18. Picked up an egg on the way. yummm chocolate
19. Picked up another couple of eggs -- jelly beans, then m&ms. By now I was kinda bonking and needed the energy.
22. I spent ~6 minutes at the map-exchange area refueling. Then when I got to the control area I overshot to the N.
23. I almost turned around and went back because I was bonking. But, thinking ahead to the billygoat, I pressed on.
25. I used #9 as a waymarker. Then, after crossing the hill, saw Will Hawkins duck in just before the control. Needless to say, that was the last time I saw him.
27. While running on the trail, I tripped and cramped up (left calf) really painfully. I laid on the ground for a couple of minutes. Took trails almost all the way to the control.
28. Walking now. Inner right thigh was cramping up painfully within sight of the control. Stopped for a couple of minutes.
29. I think this control was misplaced (should have been maybe 25 m further S) but no big deal
F. Hey - where were the other two controls on my cue sheet?

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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