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Race Evaluation



1. Didn't want to get into all the rocks right away, so I went up the traim to the bend & then over. Walked right past the bag & over 2 more reentrants before backtracking & seeing it from this direction. Not a good start.
2. Thought I was right on this & the next one, but couldn't hold the bearing.
4. Down to the road & then back up.
5. Straight to it - finally!
7. Back to the road.
8. Trail to clearing. On a good line on the indistinct trail when I let myself be distracted & backtracked to clearing again.
9. Probably the only one I went to without hesitation.
11. Pretty much fell apart from here on in. Was at Miller's Point but could not find it on the map even though a group of biker's told me the name. Finally found it though I seriously thought about bailing here - and at each of the subsequent controls...thought I was going to get water here & was disappointed to see that it was really #13.
13. Ended up at the creek/trail intersection to the nw of the control.
14. Really screwed up what I thought was going to be an easy one. Was coming it when I decided I 'd rather be OT than DNF. Hit the trail west of the control & follow it around to the ponds to try again.
15. Don't have any idea where I was, but again I was determind to find it!!
16. Took the trails.
17. Took the longest, stupidest way - but took the opportunity to walk several times through the refreshing creek.
F. Couldn't muster anything for the run in.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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