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Race Evaluation

Brooksvale WCOC Meet: Orange


1. ran a 2nd course for extra mileage. straight to building, then up trail and around green attacking from above
2. +00:15straight up hill, following on right of wall - diverged right a little late, but still clean
3. +01:30ran downhill, but got confused on trails/streams (moving too fast to pay attention) eventually worked it out and wound up staying left of line, then down in. More up and down than I needed to do.
4. +01:30messed up here pretty good, was pretty good on straight line, but got to trail and somehow convinced myself I was lower than I was, moved uphill and wound up at a control on indistinct trail, then corrected quickly. Behind phil again. Damn...
5. trail run w/ Phil, then onto gravel trail, up into control ahead of Donna F.
6. stayed left, then followed stone wall into veg area
7. right of line, ran along stone wall then off corner right in. A little slow in green
8. initially hit small trail and turned left, but hit stone wall and quickly corrected to main trail. run hard to junction, then straight in. Again slow in green before control.
9. downhill toward trail, went about 40 paced beyond hill top, then drifted into woods looking for wall, found the upper end just about right and ran down right side to boulders
F. stayed higher in more open woods to main trail, then in.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:15

Split Analysis

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