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Race Evaluation

MNOC - William O'Brien State Park: Red


1. ok
2. No attack point
Bad compass work
Confused parallel features
Oval hill attackpoint was vague and so attack to hill was vague as well. Parallel error to the wrong hill NE.
3. Ran too fast
Bad compass work
4. Bad map reading
Confused parallel features
Slowed down while following the hillside due to faulty distance judgement. Confused parallel beacon features (depressions) to the NE.
5. +00:15Lost time fiddling with gear.
6. Bad map reading
Did not read control description
Disturbed by others
Route choice mistakenly choosing to go over the hill instead of coutouring around. Then did not read the description well. Should have proceeded directly to the depression. Read the map circle as two boulders.
7. Bad map reading
Did not read control description
8. +00:08Not bad. Sloppy map reading at the end.
9. 2nd fastest split.
10. Excellent.
11. According to split delta, my best leg. a well laid plan, well executed.
12. Bad route choice
Did not plan ahead
Did not check features en route
Read map too late
Did not read control description
Not thinking clearly
Followed others
Made a bad route choice to avoid climb. Dumping me below the control on the ridge with no good attackpoint. Saw Andrei rummaging around and made some bad assumptions about the control from that. Should have come at the control from the north the first time.
13. +00:10Probably should have held onto the trail longer. Vegetation south of control was an impedance.
14. +00:10Thick and slow here. I don't think the description was apt. I figured I was in the right location and found the control.

Total Time Lost - 00:01:23

Split Analysis

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