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Race Evaluation

: NEOC Needham Town Forest Brown


1. map copy time EXCLUDED. Found #10 en route. Got a bit confused.
3. South to trail, around, attacked from trail bend NNW of control. Lots of wet depressions nearby.
4. South to train track, ran along until "To Farley Pond", cut in on trail south of the "Slow Run" which has since died back, in from the trail jct.
5. North to trail, cut up too low so I missed the western bare rock, eventually hitting the NS trail and down around the cliffy knoll.
6. NW to trail, then cut S around the higher bare rock to the major EW trail. Cut SW at the trail bend, around the spur, the cliff pair, and missed. Attacked again from the T-shaped trail jct W of the control and hit it.
7. NW to trail and around. Attacked from the trail jct W of control. It was a lot closer to the trail than mapped. I was surprised.
8. At the trail jct halfway there, I went straight through the marsh and got only a bit wet.
9. Straight.
10. Aimed off N to attack from the trail jct north of the flag, wandered around a bit, and eventually found the flag on the wrong side of the knoll.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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