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Race Evaluation

Flying Pig / Interscholastics: Blue


1. Started walking down the trail. Wanted to start slow to avoid early mistakes I had been making. Realized that once again, the blue course doesn't go anything like straight out of the start.
2. Decided I didn't want to climb so I dropped down the field to the beach. Beach was good for 2/3rds of the way then it ended. Too bad the map didn't show that. Had to cut back into the woods. Trail route turns out to have been much faster.
3. +01:00Contoured around. The first reentrant was correct as mapped. As a result I pulled up a reentrant short.
4. Straightish. Did not take the trail.
5. +01:30Contoured around to the trail. Unfortunately I didn't hit the trail. I hit a ride that wasn't on the map that I though was the trail. The ride was good running but had lots of fern like plants that hid the footing
6. +01:00Dave Kostansek caught up with me. Ran with him (actually behind him). Cut around the big reentrant. Dave Ran on. I peaked in reentrant but didn't see control. Didn't realize that the circle hid the ditch/reentrant so was looking in the wrong one. Ran over hill after Dave. Hit next reentrant and ran back.
7. took water. Still chasing Dave.
8. Cross road to trail junction. Ran to spur then down spur.
9. East to trail. Cross field. Cut over to smaller northern field then in from there. Dave gone.
10. To field. Didn't see trail junction so just ran into woods and hit trail. Trail to road. Popped out at southern field. Started across field but had to come back around marshy area. Lost time. Corner of field around left of earth bank and up hill to control. See Dave walking up hill ahead of me.
11. +04:00Map is wrong in this area. Went the correct distance. wandered a bit then decided I must have gone to far so ran back a ways. Bailed out to field. Keyed off the green area in the field. Either the field is wrong or the ditch is wrong. I suspect the ditch is farther south than mapped.
13. North to field, cut across woods to other part of field. Took trail to trail through dark green. When trail hit stream I cut up hill to top Hit fence junction. Bounced off northern ditch to control.
15. Ran down towards water. Up stream, under fence to control. Strange how we had a bridge control when there is no bridge on the map
16. +00:15Down stream to indistinct trail that didn't exist. Ran along water about where trail would have been and cut up hill. Cut corner to beach and ran along beach. I was confused by the stone wall that was marked as a thicker bank line on the map.
F. Some young interscholastic girl in front of me. I ran her down and just barely held her off on the uphill.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:45

Split Analysis

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