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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-O Series: Park-O #2: Hammond Pond


1. Bad route choice
Ran large trail to clearing and up. Should have climbed early. Climbed too steeply, was below the S end of knoll. HR average 156, HR at punch 172.
2. Straight. 167,168.
3. Bad route choice
L trail. Suspect R was faster. 171,178.
4. Straight on trails. 175,177. This is too hard to be sustainable.
5. Scooped in S of cliff from road. 175,171.
6. Left of marsh. Fortunately, I had to slow down right where the terrain also forced me to slow down. 164,166.
7. 166,168.
8. Straight. 166,174
9. Straight. 167,171.
10. Bad route choice
Straight in the depression. I should have doglegged back to trail. 170,175.
11. Trail to W end of cliff, and in. 170,171.
12. Pavement to spur, then straight from the rocky end of the spur. 168,160.
13. Read map too late
Got confused among the trails, and ended up seeing 6 perhaps and certainly 5. Eventually ended up 75m W of the flag and relocated from there. 163,164
14. 172,178.
15. Trail. HR high at end due to climb in to control. Oh, for a 10-foot long string on the punch. 176,181.
16. to the left of the depression, turned S, trying not to gain or lose height. 175,172.
F. 170,168.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:40

Split Analysis

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