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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Short: Red


1. started a little slow to get myself going. Hammer started on Blue. Surprised to be pulling into the flag to find Mike fly by me and up to my flag, then shake his head and retreat...
2. +00:20the plan was to skirt below the cliff rocky ground to the right, then right around small uncrossable marsh. but the crossable marsh looked pretty uncrossable, so I got sucked way over to the right - hit the trail and knew immediately what had happened, but obviously a very wide berth on a short leg
3. +01:00somehow got off to the left - probably distracted by people going every which way in there due to the dogleg crossover in the course
4. +00:15just right of line, down wide reentrant, but pulled up short and was looked at some unmapped cliffs a bit above the circle, quick correction
5. +00:15swung just right of marsh/boulder combo, then down broad spur. Initially spotted cliff hidden under circle first (circle should have been cut to show cliff), but quickly popped over the other side of the knoll
6. +04:30tried to go straight, telling myself to climb a bit to avoid drifting downhill. Then halfway convinced myself I must be to high and began drifting downhill - wound up below large arc shaped cliff 300m south - also saw the road down the reentrant - DAMN. Pushed the climb back up to control
7. straight - clean
8. ditto
9. +01:00skirted rocky ground to left, then must have run right up over the knoll and down - ran into stream and Samantha Saeger headed up. Another miss requiring climb to fix
10. running looked cleaner through saddle, came into reentrant by coming around knoll - same time as Samantha and another woman
11. +01:30should have gone left to avoid rocky ground (not much shown) down along stream - then decided to get away from rocky ground along stream by going through the green - not real bad, but wound up a tad N of circle
12. right of line, but below garbage dump (clearing) - onto road shortly then down reentrant and up to spur - flag visible a long way off.
F. felt good about run, but even taking away my errors wouldn't have been enough to catch Peter who was about 10 minutes ahead of me on Red.

Total Time Lost - 00:08:50

Split Analysis

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