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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-O: Peter's Hill: Advanced


1. Rock face sort of keeps going into the woods so I wasn't sure when I was at the end, probably should have gone around on the trail to the left. As it was I overshot and was slow to find the right knoll.
2. Went down between the cliffs, and then was too low - probably should have gone around the top of the big cliff and approached from the top, since I read my clue and it said it was at the top of the cliff.
3. Finally, a spike! It helped that MLC was standing there making noise.
4. Used my compass.
5. Overshot - cliffs weren't totally making sense to me, and I ended up on the spur sort of wandering in circles, feeling flustered.
6. More or less straight there, but didn't feel like my brain could keep up - still feeling flustered.
7. Tried to go around the green patch to the right, but its not quite accurate enough for that, ended up down by a trail, with all sorts of stuff that is not on the map, and eventually headed west toward the trail and found that reentrant. Doh!
8. Went pretty straight but stopped too soon, on a rock that looked like the correct rock.
9. Stupid route, but cleanly executed.
10. Didn't want to break myself down the hill. Not totally pleased with how the area around 10 is mapped, it was confusing to me. Super hesitant until I saw the control, thought it should have been more to my right.
11. Had to powerwalk up the hill, and distinct veg boundary wasn't very distinct. grumble.
12. spike!
13. spike!
14. Really? Is this necessary?
15. Got off my line, and the clearing across the road wasn't very clear - too far right.
F. Even managed to mess up the finish, came around too much to the right again.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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