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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-O: Peter's Hill: Advanced


1. lackluster RC to right - should have made myself find small path to control
2. to right
3. went ok but lot slower than Jeff
4. st.
5. could see runner ahead which helped
6. elected to go back below cliffs but, in eagerness?, was not reading map well enough - lost a minute returning to rocky features to W of path
7. St - ok, not "fooled" by extra green
8. stopped short, then saw control on very small rock - lost more time than I thought
9. worked my way thru pit & up & went to control upon spotting reentrant
10. free flow control
11. got distracted by dogs/people - veg bound end was not really as distinctive as mapped
12. went st but wondered how much woods between me & houses looming
13. whatever
14. up to top of the drumlin, had been there with Beth 90' prior - a bit aware of 2 behind
15. down & being overtaken - thought I was on straight line but leader, more to left, got there first
F. bring it home - had energy - around 2' lost

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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