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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Run: Billygoat


1. I head out at a careful pace for several reasons: * Having had digestive problems for 6 days * Being of the opinion that most peaple head out too fast at mass starts. I follow some people across the bridge, wondering whether the faster people went straight. End up following a long line of people through some very unpleasant reentrants. Then again, I guess the per K time wasn't half bad.
2. Veering a little to the right to get an attack point, since I no longer trust the orienteering skills of the crowd around me. Try to figure out whether to skip 4, 14, 16 or 18. Sadly, skipping 5 doesn't cross my mind.
3. Try to discuss skipping options with George Walker Sr., who doesn't seem very chatty. (Apart from pointing out that the people we're following are going too far to the left.) I correct in order to hit the dark green. When approaching the knolls in front of the control, there are more leftists. I duck in to the right and Joe Brautigam (I think) follows.
4. Drink some water, then off to a skip!
5. The terrain is a bit more bumpy than I had expected. Also, the path I'm running on is annoyingly windy. I lose a minute or two keeping track of the path and its angles. J-J punches just before me and I start suspecting having made a mistake.
6. Not a bad split considering the climb, but disheartening watching all the people who skipped 5 come running in from the right several 100 m higher up. Pass J-J on the way to the control.
7. Follow the crowd without having much control over where I'm going.
8. Drink water before punching since there's already a line.
9. Follow the crowd tentatively but veer to the left. Then charge down the hill like a maniac to get ahead of everyone and avoid waiting in line for the punch. Since I have no drink time included, I end up with a good split.
10. End up missing the path and lose my head start on the main crowd while navigating back through the green. I recognize Erin, Kristin, and some Canadian shirts. Instead of heading left at the junction I plunge into the forest to climb the ridge. Later on I notice Kristin following to the left. I lose a bit of time missing the corner of the next path a bit to the left. Climbing down the reentrant to the control I get too far down to the left and lose a minute or so climbing back up and standing in punching line.
11. Kristin and Erin are gone, but I'm still with the Canadians. I choose to hang lower around the last two hills, and it costs me a bit of time. I'm getting tired, both physically and mentally. Clint Morse catches up with me as I approach the control. Again I eat/drink before punching to avoid lining up for the punch.
12. With Clint, both of us cursing the rocky ground.
13. Pretty straightforward.
14. Kristin, Nadim and Erin catch up with me in the first reentrant, which surprises me since I thought Kristin and Erin were up ahead. But then Kristin asks me if I know where the others are, so I figure out they must have made a mistake at some point. The control is pretty easy to find, and I'm glad I didn't try to skip this one.
15. Start feeling tird again, and I stay at the back of the pack, hoping I'll be able to save some energy for later.
16. As we cross the bridge, I get my first calf cramps. Stop to stretch before heading on at a slower pace.
17. Running at about 70% of my previous speed from here on, I start losing valuable time. I'm starting to suspect whatever gain I have on J-J is not going to hold.
18. As I head out from 17, I hear Joe Brautigam shouting. I fail to understand what he's shouting. He passes me on the way to 18. (Crossing the river is no big deal, I find a few logs.)
19. I veer a bit too far to the right. I pass Mihai shortly before the control, and ask him if he's ok since he's walking.
20. I see J-J crossing the finish line as I come running down the roead. I also see Kristin and Erin up on the terrace eating food. At this point I don't realize that Nadim/Kristin/Erin skipped 18, so I'm a bit puzzled by how much they seemed to have gained on me since I dropped behind. While crossing the brook I misstep and my calfs cramp up again. I stop and stretch agaist the grassy slope on the other side.
F. Luckily there is nobody close to catching up, so I jog to the finish at a non-cramp-inducing pace. Not my best race ever, but still a fun event.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

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