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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Short: Red


1. +00:30I was hesitant and unused to the terrain. I went cautiously. Upon hitting the first cliffs, I went left around them; in retrospect, right would have been better. Although I had read the control description before going, I forgot it and went to the wrong side of the cliff at first and came all the way around it to punch.
2. +00:45I hit the trail but came off it too soon. I was low and left. I ended up curling back around to the right to hit it.
3. +01:00I drifted left too far, never seeing the pond to the right of the line. I came down the hill off the knoll far enough to see the stream before climbing back up.
4. +00:30I ambled toward the trail, cut right on it, then attempted to drop into the reentrant. I drifted right and hit the other trail, corrected aim and got there.
5. I went pretty straight, through the saddle and to the left of the cliff. I paused in the saddle.
6. +01:00Cherrie Mahoney appeared right behind me at #5. I rushed down to the road with her chasing. I started straight across and saw Cherrie run down the road a bit. I crossed the first stream at the bend, managed to keep straight to the next, then got sucked right instead of climbing when I should have. Cherrie later said she was behind me at this point. Eventually, I climbed up a reentrant, then to the big cliff 125m off the line to the right. At least I then knew where I was. I cut left and up the next reentrant. On the run I hadn't seen two cliffs on the map. I hit the first, and dumfounded looked a bit before moving on. Just as I did, Peter Gagarin popped over the top of the same cliff and expressed some displeasure. He was high and beat me to the correct cliff.
7. Peter went off straightish. I decided contouring around would be better. Peter was right. The footing was not so good on my route.
8. A quick hop and jump. I didn't want to follow Peter but there was no way to help it.
9. My punching technique is not so good. Peter put some distance on me leaving. I went down the reentrant and left around the cliffs losing sight of him until popping over the rise to see him leaving the control.
10. I drifted a little left but corrected at the top. Peter was farther ahead again as I'm much slower reading the map and punching.
11. Setting off, I chased Peter, gaining as I bounded downhill on a cleaner section of forest. The route took us over the knoll where a small lean-to was denoted by the X on the map. The master took a route I didn't expect as he ripped down the hill. He flew down to a small saddle and knoll well left of the control, but out of the green. In the green, Peter put more distance on me as he crashed through the bushes.
12. I lost sight of Peter shortly after he left. I ran to the road, hitting it at the small clearing. I thought Peter had gone straight and I might catch him but as I looked ahead, there he was on the road too and sprinting. I couldn't make up the distance. I cut left at the road intersection and punched.
13. Straight ahead, I leapt the fence and could see Peter finishin ahead. My punching technique still wasn't that hot...
F. Sprint...

Total Time Lost - 00:03:45

Split Analysis

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