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Race Evaluation

ROC - Annual Icebreaker - Webster Park: Red


1. Bad route choice
Confused parallel features
Thought I'd be clever and totally miffed it, made a parallel error on a trail and just couldn't figure out what I'd done until 14 minutes had passed. Ugh!
2. Took a chance
Went pretty straight, crossed marsh because it looked quite crossable but hadn't paid much attention to where I was so didn't know which way to go once I'd crossed said marsh. Sloppy.
3. Again, got confused. Crossed the marsh on a trail, and thought for whatever reason I was on the left (runner's left) side of the marsh, and it took a while to figure out the trails and where the hell I actually was. Then it was fine, read my cluesheet so no problems in the circle.
4. Came out a little too far to my left, a little confuzzled by reentrants, but figured it out quickly.
5. Trail running, clean and fast.
6. Decided to brave my way through the medium green to six, and it wasn't that slow, but I stopped too early, the contours were a bit hard to read through the green printing, and I didn't notice that wide reentrant, so wandered around for a while. Eventually a woman went the other way and said "if you're looking for #45, its that way, but you didn't hear it from me". So I went "that way" and hit the control. That was a dumb mistake.
7. Clean route, almost all on trails - went nice and straight from the road junction to the control, but overshot it a bit because the deer trail I was following veered left. I thought i saw a flash of orange to my right, so after some hesitation went to check it out and it was the pit with the control - luck.
8. One of my few good legs - kept up the pace pretty well and read ahead.
9. Trails, thought about cutting through the woods early but it looked nasty, so went all the way around (to the right) to the white woods, then backtracked. Clean other than taking the long route...
10. A spike! Woo!
11. Trails and then across the open plateau, didn't nail the rootstocks as I should have - just lacking concentration.
12. This one just took forever and a half, don't know why I slowed down so much but I managed to squash my hamstring on a log trying to cross said log, and that hurt.
13. Still moving sort of slowly, finally picked it up on the trail a bit and spiked the control.
14. Ugh, uphill. I think that little hill was called suicide hill back in the xc days?

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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