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Race Evaluation

The Badger: Red 2


1. Hesitated a bit out of the start. Started straight line because it was so close then went up trail to get to the correct contour and the white woods. Very thorny.
2. Straight. Big rocks visible from a distance.
3. +04:30Out to trail. Downhill thru the rocks is very trecherous. Trail to bend and clearing. Recognized this as the place I cut in for #5 yesterday. Not sure what happened next. Best I can figure is I was aiming for the #3 on the map instead of the circle. Remember explictly passing the rocks where the control is on the right and noting I was on course. Naturally I did not see the bag where I was looking and kept going. Got to the rock which was #5 yesterday. (Bag was gone but streamer still there) and could not figure why I had run here instead of the control. No problem from here except it was back uphill.
4. Low around rocks to trail. Trail to bend and attacked from the top. Going to be a long day. The antifog on my glasses is already failing and the map is hard to read.
5. Contour SW to EW trail and took it all the way around to past due S from the control. Should have made better time on the trail but very tired. Passed a blue runner about halfway. Cut off the trail at the E end of the reentrant to avoid the down and up, miss the rocks and get the white woods. Straight over the broad hill on a long bearing. As I got into the rocky ground approaching the control, looked for any shallow reentrant which might lead to a small stream. Hit the green by the control and spiked it.
6. Heat from the long run has steamed up the glasses, visibility very poor. Straight, accross the thin part of the rocks, then along the bottom of the spur.
7. Straight but drifted right to get a better path thru the green. Attacked from the end of the trail E of the control. This is the type of terrain I had expected to see in WI, not the rocky stuff. I fail to notice the change at the time.
8. +04:30Straight, but blow the control in the circle. My description just says reentrant and I cannot tell which one. Do not see the bag on the first pass so end up looking low. Take bearings from various field corners and eventually locate it. Just leaving when Abby May (-6) comes in.
9. +00:30Run hard to get away from her. All tangled in the green and then trip hard on the fence. See now it is mapped but that is the kind of detail I cannot see when the glasses are fogged. Now they are muddy so I wpe them on the shirt.
10. +01:00Slow getting speed again after the fall. Go straight but getting thru the green takes me to far left and I hit the end of the marsh. Do not even see the much better trail option to the left as I wade thru the end of the marsh. Along the NE side of marsh and then use the trail anyway. Abby makes a mistake and heads south to the wrong fields.
11. She catches me again as I have to come to a complete stop in order to read the map. Trail around and then cut in across from the campground loop. Mark Voit blows by on the downhill.
12. Contour around and then in below the line of rocks. Trying to stay with Mark but not successful. Mike Eglinski passes me must before the bag.
13. Follow Mike. Come in from the trail cutting in just past the rocks and green. Mark has overshot the bag and is there just in front of us.
14. Consider the trail but would not save enought to justify the extra climb. Seems to be a deer trail along the contour anyway.
15. +00:30Chasing Mark again as he pulls away on the downhill. He gets completly away when I have to stop and check the map at the stream. I cannot find a stream on my map. Finally decide that one of the black lines I see is the trail and the other is the stream. Trail to bend and up. Mark is running way down to 16.
16. Downhill to trail

Total Time Lost - 00:11:00

Split Analysis

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