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Race Evaluation

Billygoat Short: Blue


4. Not paying attention, too far to the right, went to thr right around the marsh next to the control.
9. 300 m south of the control, and I knew exactly where I was. But then instead of going straight north to the control, or hanging a bit west to avoid some climb, I inexplicably went NE until I was between #10 and #14, wondering where the heck I had gotten myself to.
11. A little too far right, I think, near the dot knolls south of the control.
12. Saw Eddie coming back toward me as I got close, obviously having had some trouble (he started a minute after me) and clearly confused. But he came in right after me.
13. Everything was fine until I got close and nothing made sense -- then I realized that I had started looking at #14 instead of #13. But I was in the right place, just had to climb the knoll. Eddie got there just before me.
14. Behind Eddie, and we got to some other reentrants 50 m NW of where we belonged. Eddie went off in some weird direction as I figured it out.
15. Eddie caught up as I got close to the control. Looks like Ken added this boulder; it wasn't in the 0CAD file that I sent him (and isn't on the Bilygoat map).
16. Eddie pulls away.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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