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Race Evaluation

West Point A Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. +09:00My contact slipped out almost immediately. It was a fuzzy experience. Finally relocated from the stream down near the marsh SSW of the control
2. Really slow over the top. Skirted the left of the marsh, into the reentratn pointing to the control, along the top and spiked it.
3. Couldn't see the map at all most of this leg. Kept climbing and found the reentrant below the cliff. Easy.
4. Under the big cliff and along the flat spot below the top. Cut through the saddle. Took forever to get down the hill toward the pond. Very rocky and afraid I'd fall.
5. Contour. Saw the flag from below.
6. Contoured. Didn't drop to the trail to avoid having to climb back. Easy
7. +05:00Couldn't see anything in the circle. I didn't know what I was looking for, so I went by and climbed to come back and look for a flag.
8. Found a little trail through the laurel to the clearing over the cliffs. Saw a few others there
9. Not a great route. I stayed high and contoured. Saw the flag from way up high and took a long time threading my way down the rocks. Probably better to drop down, maybe all the way to the trail.
10. Couldn't see what the circle looked like. Contoured.
11. Couldn't see the circle. I knew I was looking for a reentrant, so just went on compass.
12. Had a hard time getting there. Got behind a marsh. Not sure where it was.
F. Finally, a place I could run!

Total Time Lost - 00:14:00

Split Analysis

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