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Race Evaluation

West Point A Meet Day 2: Red Y2


1. +04:30I first started on the trail, turned around and came back to the start. I walked much of the way due to the vegetation and climb. I took too long finding the intermittant trail then left it soon from the bend. Once in the circle, it took me too long to figure out I was just a bit south.
2. +01:15At the cliff, I looked across but couldn't see it. After negotiating the cliff, I aimed and got to just south of the pond. Again, in the circle, I couldn't adapt-perhaps the circle hid enough of the contour to keep me too far west.
3. I chased a woman and man who had left ahead of me. I caught and passed the woman and read the map enough to keep me from chasing the man further. I had to cut right a bit at the end.
4. Slogging my way up, I jogged when it leveled some. I recognized the spur features at the top and Mike Ball punching ahead of me reasurred me.
5. I went straightish but tracked along the big cliffs on the right. I left a deer trail to stick to the rocks and stayed on them too long. It seemed I should look to my right from my bearing and the slope but I convinced myself to go and look left before it dropped too far. After crossing the reentrant to the correct ridge, I saw it on my right 70m away.
6. I expected the green slash to be Cottoneaster thorns so searched the map for a way around. I decided to gut it out on a more direct route to the NE edge of Turkey Hill Pond. As it was, I got through w/o much trouble--I ran around rock spots and in between the fallen trees. At the bottom, I rough read the boulder clusters, then keyed-in on the large boulder E of the control as an attack point.
7. I took the road to a bend and was reasurred to find other footsteps leaving the road exactly where I did a the bend at the top of the second hill. Walking most of the way, I read my way up the reentrant and to the cliffs. I passed in between two cliffs and climbed higher. As it steepened, I started to go higher but looking right, I saw a control and figured it could only be ours. As I neared, Erin Olafsen dropped-in behind me with a scream from above where everyone else had been looking. She had grabbed onto some thorns while slipping.
8. I went left around the cliff to the road. After dropping below the cliff, I paused expecting to see the control at the marsh below. I didn't but dropped anyway and as I did I could hear Erin chasing from behind. A few steps off the road and I saw it.
9. +00:45I drank then took off. Back to the road, I stayed on it after the intersection. A woman in red was ahead. At the top, she cut off about where I wanted to. We found a sort of unmapped trail but hunted the west side of the ridge. Erin was right behind. Finally I stopped, read and realized the error, correcting right to the control.
10. Erin and I ran neck and neck. I pulled up right in front of the pit when Erin said it should be just ahead--two more steps and I saw it.
11. Again neck and neck, Erin and I contoured around. At a rocky area I suggested to drop since I could see the flat area ahead and below. I perhaps dropped too much, having to climb a contour over the saddle. I went right around the fallen tree and got there just ahead of Erin.
12. Erin commented that it was cruel to make us turn around and head right back up the reentrant--I had to agree but you expect this at West Point. We contoured with me a bit lower than Erin for better running. We spiked it.
13. +00:35I took off first but was a bit excited this close to the end. I saw a rock wall but couldn't make sense of it an kept going. I turned around and Erin indicated it was back up a contour as she came through.
14. +00:05I chased after Erin. It seemed we were on the correct bearing but we had to cut right to get to the intersection. I cut the distance but punched behind Erin.
F. I tried to catch Erin and made-up some ground but as we neared, she picked-up the pace even to what I could hold then. With all the trouble early, I had no idea that my time was quickest in so far. I know Spike and probably many others would have beat me if it weren't for the misplaced control at #7.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:10

Split Analysis

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