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Race Evaluation

West Point A Meet Day 2: Red Day 2


1. Bad map reading
Could not relocate
Not thinking clearly
Lacked confidence
never found the control - after 20 minutes, figured it had been taken by gremlins. Took trail to left, cut in just before the green, went in from the linear clearing, went brain dead, was looking about 150 m south of control, saw lots of others looking also, so never figured I had messed up
2. +00:20up and over the ridge, was about 10 meters to the south, recovered quickly
3. long, slow, discouraged slog up the hill, figured I make the bset of the day as a training 'run'. Initially a bit to the left, relocated from the rock features ~150m south
4. +01:00up through the saddle, Pete B and George W catching up to me as we came into the control, went up the reentrant to the right first, then back down and over.
5. contoured, running somewhat variable saw the control from below, Pete still with me, George a bit behind
6. stayed above the trail, still with Pete
7. Pete pulling ahead, George passed me going into the control, saw it from the road junction
8. up and over, others went too far left
9. Bad route choice
bad route choice, tried to contour around, should have droppped to trail then approached from the SW
10. Lacked concentration
stayed above the trail, just trying to get to the finish
11. Lacked concentration

Total Time Lost - 00:21:20

Split Analysis

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