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Race Evaluation

DVOA Norristown State Hospital: Sprint 2


1. got excited...bolted off the start line to a 5 minute pace
2. went left, thinking there might be a gap. not sure what was faster.
3. had a preview of 3 going to 2, straight forward
4. elected pavement+grass over trail. not sure
7. far right, and then right of the fenced in area. not sure which was faster, but good for 4th
8. stayed on the road instead of cutting through grass, which looks like cost about 8 sec
9. I thought I saw someone jumping a wall in the distance so I went way around. tricky stairs+impassible cliff. turns out he was jumping off the building. Less costly than I thought
10. went over stairs but just completely forgot to turn quick right and backdoored it from the other set of stairs
11. went left avoiding the stairs but added slightly more distance. not sure
12. left

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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