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Race Evaluation

CSU Park-o: Pine Hill


1. Went through the hole in the fence. Should have taken the trail to the left. Couldn't get to the control because of brambles, couldn't leave the control because of brambles, got there swearing all the way. Good start.
2. When I finally extricated myself from the briars, I was able to move again and it was good.
3. Came out a little low on the trail.
4. Went north to trail, then right on the trail and over the two little hills to the pit.
5. West to trail.
6. To junction and through the green, a little sloppy on my compass bearing, saw Bill Pullman to my left and veered that way and ended up too far left.
7. Went to my left up the hill because the vegetation looked less prickly, but that was a lie. So then I had to turn sharply right, but stayed too close to the edge of the hill, and had to zig back left. Lost time on that one for sure.
8. Came down to the east of the hill, had to climb a bit but not too bad.
10. went through the marsh. Got stuck in briars. That was dumb, and quite painful.
11. Rolled my L ankle gallumphing down the hill, figured if I was going slowly to let the pain subside anyway, I may as well go straight, but I bungled that route, rather badly, and then after crossing the major trail, I made a parallel error, figured it out, and still ended up way off. Ugh. Starting to lose it, mentally.
12. Blatantly followed Brendan, but kept up fine on the map. Wanted to see how he deals with brambles - he deals with it by being two feet taller, and stepping over it.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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