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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. Left of the line, through a fiar bit of green. Trails around to the right might have been better.
2. Got a hair too far left halfway, and wound up on top of a cliff I wanted to be below.
4. Bad putting. Got myself to a spot about 80 m NNE of the control, and things looked about right there, and I couldn't figure out why there was no control.
6. Left of the line to avoid having to pick my way through rocks between the cliffs and the marsh. Parallel error at the end, 50 m N of the control site, things looked right and I was confused.
7. Intended to go almost straight north to the trail, but due to bad compass work and bad map reading, went NE, hit the green marsh, and was perplexed, thinking I was at the yellow marsh at the southern end of Parker Swamp, but not understanding why I saw no power line, and had crossed no trail. The compass finally revealed the truth, and I was able to go pretty straight from there.
8. Got to the circle, then had to stop and think.
9. Left around the marsh, going against the traffic on the walk to the start. When I looked at the map out there, it didn't look like it was too much longer to go that way, but now I can see that it was.
10. Just far enough right to get around the fight.
12. Doh! Told myself to stay high, but didn't go high enough. Overshot big time, and found a control that looked right, but had the wrong code. Some pondering of the situation revealed that I was north of the S in "Good Spring Mtn".
14. To the right, contouring until I could force myself to climb, and through the saddle.
15. Through the saddle again, but then got suckered into following some animal trails and didn't pay enouth attention to the map. Should have goe way moe to the right, because I found myself stuck behaind a big sea of barberry. Had to make a hard right, backtracking somewhat, to get around it.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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