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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. +11:00I didn't read stuff along the way enough. I should have used the trail option.
2. I had this pictured in my head on the way there and walah! It was there.
3. +12:30I went along the hillside gradually climbing. Upon crossing the trail, I was at a saddle but unsure of exactly where I was. As I neared the location, I was unsure of the correct ridge but inside the lower edge of the circle. Then I saw Peggy running by below me. Distracted I ran where she had come from instead of looking further up the reentrant. After that, I ran around up and down the stream below the control and found another control. Bummer. It took me too long to realize the control was on the steeper slope.
4. I ran on the edge of the rocks right into the control.
5. +00:35I got in the circle then wandered a bit before seeing it. I had a Gu.
6. I went around to the right and paused at the bare rock too long. I had left #5 after someone else, then got to #6 just before he did.
7. I ran just left of the line and hit the trail at the power line--saw Mary Jones. I left the trail at the bend and ran right up the marsh where it was clearest passing Gail Gagarin. It was good running but I may have paid for it later on the course as the wet socks compacted and I got a blister. I passed others headed in the multiple directions but had a good mental image of where to right up to the circle. There I lost a few seconds pulling up short then having to run around the marsh. The Gu at #5 seemed to help running this leg.
8. I took the trail until a little after the stream crossing. I climbed to the clearings over the hill rather than pick my way in the rocks around to the right. I set a bearing and saw some people ahead, catching them and zeroing right in.
9. I never saw the option to the left since right seemed shorter and had some trail and good attack points. I passed Tom Carr, and ran up over the ridge right to the cliff.
10. +01:45With Tom nearby and seeing me leave the control, I left in a hurry planning to go right into the field. I changed my mind and cut in at the power line then after dropping realized I was headed into deep thorns that I remembered from the Hudson Highlander as a waste of time. I climbed to the road again and came in from above, spiking it but wasting too much time with the change in course.
11. Up and keying off the spur, I saw Tom ahead and forced myself to hold a pace.
12. +01:30Tom had gone a lower route. I climbed immediately but not far enough. Cutting across, I came to a choice to go up or down along a line of cliffs. Not having read my way carefully enough, I ran the lower side since the control description said it was at the foot. I went along the cliffs until they ran out, then saw a control 100m further ahead. I chased it down only to verify it was the wrong one. I went right to it after that. I had let my want to stay ahead of Tom get the best of me.
13. Running out of gas, I stayed to the left to contour as much as possible.
14. Many were ahead of me (M. Hawkes-Teeter) going straight at it. I went around to the right walking most of the way and got there ahead of them.
15. +01:30I backtracked to the ridge and went on the right side using deer trails. I should have dropped more. Getting caught-up in the excitement, I saw Kenny Walker Jr. to my left and just chased. I should have stayed on the right. I saw Mark Dominie who said I was being sneaky. I lost sight of Kenny in the thorns, picking my way down a steep slope.
F. My watch showed 16 seconds but I stopped it well past the line at the end of the van - I was tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:28:50

Split Analysis

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