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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. I ran along the lake climbing some and eventually cut up and turned right to take the trail. Part way there, I figured it was a certainty equivalent for me to go the rest of the way on the trail. I paused once on where to leave it but spiked it.
2. +01:00I wasn't reading the map well while on the run. I topped the ridge right of the line, then dropped into the valley. After looking a little and seeing others come through, I read the map, looked behind me and saw it up on the ridge.
3. +06:00I first got hung up dropping down the cliffs. I passed wide around the marsh, took the trail to the right a little and thought I knew where I was when leaving it. I was too far right. When I hit the steep drop-off, instead of following it left, I dropped down expecting to be caught at the intermittant trail which I never saw. I got within sight of the marsh and walked by way through the rough up the hill. Others were hunting all over. I climbed a rock and still couldn't figure it out on the map. Going further anyway, I could see the large cliffs ahead and above me. I cut SW to get under the cliff, then dropped down onto the control, leading one other guy in.
4. +16:00I saw the option to use the trail on the right but thought it was out of the way. I climbed a bit but drifted right following deer trails through the blueberry. When I crossed the stream at a waterfall and couldn't find it, I figured it was just because the water was flowing well, not because I'd drifted. I continued up the hill but not far enough to the left. Seeing the open ground ahead of me, I worried and wondered if I'd gotten ahead of myself. I kept on instead of figuring it out. I had to back out of a marshy area that was too thick. Finally hitting the trail, I cut right on it, still not realizing I was already far right enough. I made a parallel error going down the wrong ridge and following it until it ran out, 250m past the control. Finally, I figured it out and came back up the hill to it.
5. I hugged the left side following the cliffs until they ran to a point. I dropped from there right on it.
6. I contoured upward rather than go straight but must have done too much to lose this much time to others. I did beat one other guy who was going more straight than I. Maybe drinking water was part of it.
7. I dropped down quick but stayed left so as not to have to clime any more than needed. Rounding the marsh, I cut right on the trail a little, then followed the curling reentrant up. I spotted the hill and others converging.
8. I moved slow catching some older runners. I went through the saddle. At the road I went straight but did pause when it looked impassably thick. Two steps back and to the right and a clear way was visible. The marsh was easy to cross. At the cliff, I walked my way around so as to be sure not to miss it in the rocks somewhere.
9. I cut left to drier land, then followed the grain of the land mostly on deer trails. I kept moving. At the trail, I crossed and went further before cutting left over the ridge through the thickness. I was glad that I spiked it because I didn't want to hunt in the deep blueberry.
10. I drank a while before going and took a while to get on the deer trail to the dam. I stayed left after the dam and ran the road to the bend. I managed to run most of the way up the ridge, passing one other guy. I saw others ahead but didn't see them punching. I lost sight of them then found spiked it myself.
11. It took me too long to drop down as my feet searched for better footing. Finally, I sucked-it "down" and let into an open run. I passed some but not the lady who punched just in front of me.
12. Run, run, run, but not too hard.
F. I gave a good effort and almost stumbled on the drop. I didn't really see the finish line and only stopped the watch at the end of the van.

Total Time Lost - 00:23:00

Split Analysis

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