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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red

Tom O

1. Straight, through the blueberry.
2. Tried to stay a little right on approach looking for the large boulder.
3. Contour through the white woods to reentrant near small marsh then up and over with compass/pace through the light green.
4. Back door approach around the large cliff.
5. Straight. Seemed to take forever getting to the trail north of the control.
6. Right - hugging base of cliffs near marsh then up and over.
7. Got sucked into the green near the power line - worse than mapped.
8. Took small trail to trickle crossing. Saw Kristin heading up the hill for the saddle. I decided to contour around the front of the hill. Probably a wash, although Kristin nailed it and I overshot slightly.
9. Left around large marsh.
10. Trying to keep up with Boris. Down road to right then along edge of the mowed field.
11. Walked.
12. Walked again.
14. Pretty much straight, up the reentrant through the laurel. Hit it dead on.
15. Plan was to go straight and thread the needle through the green slash. Gaps shown on map were nonexistent though. Lost a couple minutes thrashing through the green. Still picking the thorns out of my legs.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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