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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. +00:20looking too far out on leg initially - ran straight - hit stream and had to cut back to get to a crossable section. Then white below cliffs, hooking into reentrant, across trail, south of marshy area and straight in.
2. swing wide left to avoid green and contours, then across the line to swing around hill and come in from the N - clean
3. pretty straight other than weaving to find the cleanest line through green - down between the 2 & 3 tag cliffs and straight in. Feeling confident of navigation if not terribly fast
4. downhill to trail, trail then west side of marsh in good runnable terrain. Took trail below rocks and yellow, then cut up into gap and along base of cliffs/hill into control. Lots of thick blueberry near the control
5. left of line picking route through rocks, a little wide left on plateau below cliffs giving a good look down at circle and boulder was pretty obvious from that vantage point
6. +00:20almost started heading for 7, was going over lower part of spur and rechecked map and saw 6 up the spur - up a few lines to circle - clean but almost skipped it.. oops..
7. N of marsh, a little right on trail around knoll then uphill - sawlong knoll from a distance and keyed right in on large boulder - very clean
8. straight through white gap, onto trail, then down in. Flag hidden behind log - was probably 5 feet away and did not see it at first. almost turned away to retrace cliffs.
9. +00:30up through whitish gap - then fighting laurel up onto hill cleanly, but before heading down into green to look for control, paused to make sure I was in the right spot before headed downhill - about a half minute hesitation to confirm location - which was fine
10. over hill, through white gap, below cliff, below dam, up through broad reentrant (a highlander '01 control was in here -familiar territory). further up past curved cliff, across the flat and then straight over from top of spur - did not want to have to reclimb if went too far - spike
11. ran down far side of reentrant and onto spur, across road and right in - very nice running here - no green!!
12. over knoll across parking lot - waved to Peter G enroute to start
F. finish - a very clean run, no major mistakes, ran most of the runnable terrain - slow in green and on rocky hill sides, but otherwise a great run for me..

Total Time Lost - 00:01:10

Split Analysis

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