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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. +00:40along cliffs then dive into green? before trail, 200m sw to correct hilltop then in
3. +02:00l of cliffs and r of large swamp to small one, down into white woods then wsw, thought I missed trail so I went up to check cliffs, Bob Turbeyfill goes by and I follow
4. w route to trail, w of large swamp, see Bob for the last time 150m from next trail, head up wrong turn temporarily, Joe M goes by 100m nw of bag
5. along sw side of rocks to trail
6. up early, contour around
7. almost straight
8. +00:30almost straight to a point on the trail 150m sse of bag, bobble going around left
9. +06:00ne staying out of green, instead of going to trail like I planned, into green? see crossable swamp and struggle to trail, up white slot past bag, struggle back
10. under dam (nice deer trail), up to road bend
11. actually run here to finish

Total Time Lost - 00:09:10

Split Analysis

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