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Race Evaluation

HVO: Harriman: Red


1. Armed with a new and improved attitude after Saturday, stayed in the white past the trail and then over the hills - still mostly in white. Ploughed over the green ridge then the next. Hit the reentrant a bit high and had to turn down to it, but very safe.
2. UP.
3. +06:30Between the big marshes, but never saw the trail. Came past the end of the line of cliffs, thought I was further south than I was, and proceeded to flounder in the green aimlessly for way to long. Finally went to the edge and realized I was in nearer the middle of the marsh than the southern tip, turned around and headed UP through the green to the control. Advantage was I could actually see the boulder pretty well coming from this (wrong) direction. Distracted too much by other people, and lacked an attack point.
4. Just east of the line, tried to find as much white as possible. Not much luck. Mike E and I together here which kept me pushing. Control approach very easy from this route.
5. Down the reentrant, keeping a bit to the left and the cliffs in sight. When the cliffs ended, fine navigation to the control. Good balance of rough/fine navigation.
6. Contoured a bit around the spur to avoid climb.
7. Had Power Gel after punching 6. Took 1:20 to get it down! Straight to 7. Generally good visibility made it easier.
8. Through the saddle to the trail. Hit right at the bend and ran to where the green ended SE of the control.
9. +01:00Couldn't avoid green on this one. Then stupidly didn't pick up the white after the control, and lost time floundering in the green. Could see the boulder easily, but couldn't get there!
10. Just below the dam. Good navigation, and feeling much stronger than yesterday.
11. Hard to make the transition to running fast though.

Total Time Lost - 00:07:30

Split Analysis

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