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Race Evaluation

SVO Rocky Ridge: Red


1. Trail past overlook, through wedding party. Got rose petals stuck in my spikes. Attacked down off trail on line but missed high.
2. Straight.
3. Climbed too much to trail.
7. ended up low. Thought I came right off the trail bend, but the bend wasn't very sharp.
8. Got a little left. Need to watch the compass better when sidehilling.
9. trail to top, dropped to lower trail at "clearing", cut in.
12. Trail.
13. To the right, past 16. The trail to the left looks better to me though. Would like to see Mike's or Mihai's split on this one.
14. Straight, climbed the hill.
15. straight. Got a little left.
16. Turned up the wrong re-entrant, had to cut back right through the laurel. Using too much local "knowledge" rather than paying attention.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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